iChessOne: First Foldable Electronic Chessboard | Made of Wood

Tournament-style, hand-carved wooden set, easy to carry and transport. Play chess online but on a real board with anyone in the world!

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Chess tradition adapted for modern times

iChessOne combines the beauty of chess craftsmanship with a touch of modern technology. Carved out of real wood according to an original, patent pending construction, it can boast of being the first foldable electronic chessboard in the world! The compact, portable form allows you to effortlessly take it with you everywhere, and to play however you like: in the real world or online, on your favorite chess servers.

Created by active chess players, iChessOne was designed true to the world of professional chess. It follows all of the FIDE standards and looks like a beautiful tournament board. When not used, the diodes are not visible, being subtly hidden inside, under the wood, along with all the electronics.


Play anytime, anywhere due to our patent pending, foldable, electronic construction, perfect for trips and outdoors.

Play your way thanks to the integration with the biggest chess servers such as lichess.org or chess.com.

Upgrade your skills in the spirit of pro-chess with FIDE-tournament-standard pieces design and board size.

Touch the traditional European chess craftsmanship through hand-carved wooden pieces and boards.

Pro, not showy

We see chessboards primarily as tools to play chess, not to decorate your house. Modern or extravagant designs may look fancy, but are they really usable?

We carve our pieces in the classic Staunton style and make boards in the standard size, both approved by the International Chess Federation. True to the standards you will find at every professional tournament. That’s why our sets are perfect for pros and aspiring players, for whom visual habits matter, but also for amateurs, who want to feel the spirit of the professional chess world!

Our sets are handmade in Europe out of Beech, Sycamore and Mahogany wood and felt finishing. Interior storage space was thoughtfully designed to fit not only the main 32 pieces, but also two extra Queens, along with an elegant wooden phone stand. We add a pen and an extensive Scorebook, for those who follow the traditional ways.

Free app & integrations

iChessOne comes with an original, free application that allows you to play online while using a real board. The integrations we provide will allow you to use the most popular chess servers.

The App is available on iOS and Android.

The app connects to a board via low power consumption, wireless communication, and the board can be powered by any source (e.g. a power bank), thanks to the universal USB cable, ending with a magnetic connector.

Subtle light indicators will let you know when to start and where to move the opponent's pieces, as well as inform you about incorrect movements due to the RFID pieces recognition.

No matter if you play online or offline (both players on one chessboard), iChessOne remembers all of your matches via internal memory and exports them into the App. There, you can use our software for game analysis to upgrade your strategies, or if you prefer, you can generate a PGN file (Portable Game Notification) to analyze it in any other chess program.

iChessOne vs. Others

iChessOne is the harmonious middle ground between the traditions of professional chess and demands of the modern world. Discover all advantages in the table below. 


  • Portable - dedicated contactless data transmitters enable signal transmission between the two halves and assembly of the chessboard.
  • Light indicators - LEDs let you know when to start and where to move your opponent’s pieces, as well as inform you about an incorrect movement.
  • Pieces recognition - smart RFID sensors recognize all the pieces on the board.
  • Bluetooth LE - low power consumption, wireless connection between your chessboard and the app.
  • Classic wooden chess board - for fans of naturalness, it is a traditional, foldable, wooden tournament chessboard with electronic features.
  • Tournament size - tournament size chessboard with Staunton 5 pieces, which is officially approved by the International Chess Federation
  • Magnetic connector - allows you to connect a power source (i.e. power bank) to the chessboard.
  • Dedicated application - enables integration with global chess platforms like lichess.org and an analysis of the games played.
  • All in one - all components: 34 pieces (with two extra queens), a USB cable, a mobile phone stand and a pen are inside the chessboard, which makes it an elegant, wooden case that is easy to transport.

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Paul Uebbing

The biggest advantage is portability! Being the first of its kind to be both electronic and portable.

Denny Street

Good size, heavy pieces, design, possibility to play online, better than competitors!

Branko, 30

This is the device that is uniquely suited to the needs of OTB chess practice. Having learned chess myself and only played online, my OTB level is lower than my actual ability as it is very difficult to get regular OTB practice, and I have wanted something like this for years.

Bartłomiej Wieczorek

Genius combination of classical chess with online chess.

James Booth

The portability - learning against real opponents on a real board, anywhere. This looks like a dream project, frankly.

Peter Fonaseka

I can record all the moves of a games to get insights of the gameplay and improve consistently.

Tomasz Kaleniak

The iChessOne being a full-size tournament board with real wooden pieces, and at the same time is portable and allows online play.

Daniel Covas

The multifunctionality and versatility to play online and OTB.

Raul Rodriguez

Playing online, while using a real board is a really great experience!

Janusz Lisowski

Electronics designer with over 12 years of experience. Completed many courses and trainings in programming and designing printed circuit boards. Polish representative in correspondence chess against Panama. Winner of contests for innovative projects.

Lech Bakalarz

Mechanics and electronics designer, 3D printing and CNC enthusiast. Has many years of experience in designing and implementing electronic devices. Winner of many awards in industry competitions.

Kinga Huminska-Lisowska

Doctor of Philosophy, University Teacher and Head of the Laboratory Center. Contractor, experienced Project Manager, and Project Coordinator of many grants funded by i.e. NCBiR, NCN, or PARP.

Do the pieces have built-in batteries ?

No, the pieces do not have batteries, because they don’t need them. The signal is transmitted wirelessly, similarly to contactless payments via credit cards.

How heavy is the whole iChessOne set?

The entire iChessOne set, including the chessboard, 34 pieces, a USB cable, a mobile phone stand and a pen weighs ~2.5 kg. Remember, there may be differences in weight as each set is made of natural wood :)

Does the chessboard remember the games played?

Yes! All the games you play are remembered and you can access them from the application level. You can come back to them, analyze, and generate a PGN any time you want.

How is it possible that the chessboard is electronic, but the LEDs are not visible?

You cannot see the LEDs when they are turned OFF, because they are hidden under a thin surface of the wood. For this purpose, we precisely milled the blind holes, which allowed us to maintain an unchanged appearance of a classical wooden chessboard, while ensuring the transmission of LED lights and their visibility also in bright sunlight.

Timeless Staunton 5 - EARLY BIRD

iChessOne Smart Chessboard
32 Timeless Staunton 5 Wooden Pieces
Two Extra Queens
1m USB-C Cable
Mobile Phone Stand
Cotton bag

American Classic Staunton - EARLY BIRD

iChessOne Smart Chessboard
32 American Staunton 3,5” Wooden Pieces
Two Extra Queens
1m USB-C Cable
Mobile Phone Stand
Cotton bag

Mixed Staunton

2x iChessOne Smart Chessboard
32 Timeless Staunton 5 Wooden Pieces
32 American Staunton 3,5” Wooden Pieces
2x Two Extra Queens
2x 1m USB-C Cable
2x Mobile Phone Stand
2x Cotton bag

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