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Camera free, eye tracking extension for Meta Quest 2 headset

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Inseye is a deep tech, camera free eye tracking technology adapted as a low cost add-on for the Meta Quest 2 headset. It’s lightweight, compact, low energy consuming, and yet it opens up powerful possibilities in VR. Use it to boost your gaming experience, thanks to foveated rendering and streaming, or to better express yourself in VR chats through correlated eye movements in your avatar.

Unlike camera-based devices, our photosensor technology relies more on powerful software than hardware. That’s why it’s much more affordable, while providing the highest parameters of gaze dynamics data at 1000Hz and zero latency.


More individuality, authentic expression and natural interactions in the VR social world thanks to faithful avatar eyes.

Foveated rendering and streaming: deeper immersion, better graphical fidelity, higher frame rates and lower hardware requirements.

Full compatibility with MetaQuest 2 and VR ecosystems, very easy integration and use

Best for: VR chat users, VR gaming, XR technologies, live content streaming.

VR eye contact, for real

The VR social world is waiting for this revolution! It desperately needs more authentic behaviors and individuality. Eye contact is essential for natural interactions, since through it we identify attention, attitude or emotional states.

Inseye’s highly sensitive sensors precisely track the smallest eye movements and transfer them into the VR in real time. Now your avatar can maintain your natural expression so the other users can follow and interpret your eye movement. One glance can say more than a thousand words…

Wireless foveated rendering and streaming

Natural human eyesight sharpens our focus point, while everything around and distanced seems blurry. This natural mechanism is being transferred into the VR technology as a foveated rendering. It not only improves visual experience, bringing it closer to the natural one, but also works as an optimization process. Boosting the visuals resolution where the VR headset user is looking, while reducing it on the peripheral of the vision, allows to significantly “save” the system resources. It means reduction of hardware requirements to enjoy the rich world of VR with an even better graphic fidelity.

Until now foveated rendering was available only for users of more expensive VR sets. Not anymore! Inseye takes advantage of advanced gazing point predictions to enable foveated rendering and streaming for all VR users

What’s more, it is the world’s first wireless foveated rendering and streaming engine supporting PC content!

Boost your VR experiences!

VR chats

Express yourself and stand out with attention-drawing, realistic avatar eyes that can transfer natural mimics into the VR world.s.

VR gaming

Run VR games even on average PC equipment! Improve frame rate, enhance immersion and improve visual experience.

Live streaming

Stream your content in 3D/360 (concerts, matches, games and so on) with high quality and more immersive effect, thanks to foveated rendering.

XR technologies

Try out leading edge eye-tracking technology that takes your Quest 2 to the next level.


NVIDIA Inception

We are a part of the NVIDIA Inception Program for cutting-edge technologies.

AIXR partnership

We are a proud member of The Academy of International Extended Reality.


We joined OpenXR community to make XR eye-tracking more accessible

Inseye Journey vs. others


  • Photosensor oculography – infrared emitters and receivers configured to measure your gaze.
  • IPD adjustment – Inseye Journey is compatible with Meta Quest 2 hardware IPD settings.
  • Lightweight – only 70g of weight, it’s unnoticeable during daily use.
  • Low-power consuming – InseyeJoruney needs no more than 30mW from the headset.
  • Social interaction – take your social-VR interaction to its most natural form through Inseye gaze input.
  • Wireless – no wires between Inseye add-on, PC and headset.
  • Gaze-prediction – XR eye-tracking with lowest latency on the market.
  • Open for development – use our SDK and develop any kind of gaze-based VR experience.
  • Foveated rendering and streaming – optimize wireless streaming and computing demand on the PC side.

Technical specification

Sampling rate: 1000Hz

Accuracy: 0.5° - 3°

Precision: 0.003°

Connectivity: USB and WiFI

SDK: Unity and Unreal supported

Latency: ~50 μs

Weight: 70g

Gaze prediction: yes

Power consumption: 30mW – 50mW for 1000Hz sampling rate

Foveated rendering SDK support: yes

Data output:

  • Gaze data in screen X, Y coordinates or in visual angles
  • Gaze data as ray in UnitSDK
  • Gaze Depth
  • Left eye, right eye or combined
  • Events: saccade, blink, headset mount, dismount

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Andrew Duchowski

Dr. Duchowski is a professor of Computer Science at Clemson University. He received his baccalaureate (1990) from Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada, and doctorate (1997) from Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, both in Computer Science. His research and teaching interests include visual attention and perception, computer vision, and computer graphics. He is a noted research leader in the field of eye tracking, having produced a corpus of related papers and a monograph on eye tracking methodology, and has delivered courses and seminars on the subject at international conferences. He maintains Clemson’s eye tracking laboratory and teaches a regular course on eye tracking methodology attracting students from a variety of disciplines across campus.  

Maciej Szurek
Co-Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur and founder of 4 companies .Marketing specialist with many years of experience in international corporations (including Mars, Volvo and Panasonic), independent consultant for business modeling, marketing strategies and active sales (including Black Red White, Manufaktura Czekolady, Allen Carr Polska), author of the postgraduate program in Marketing Strategies and academic lecturer at Vistula University, mentor in AIP, Business Link, Polska Przedsiębiorcza, participant in five acceleration programs in Poland, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands and the USA.

Piotr Krukowski
Co-Founder & CTO

Entrepreneur with a visionary approach combining business mindset and scientific sense. Expert in new technologies specializing in AR / VR field. R&D team leader working with world class experts, researchers, engineers and developers on novel eye tracking techniques. Product owner responsible for developing med-tech solutions using virtual reality. Founded his first business at the age of 16. Focused on intellectual property assets, co-author of patent applications. Forbes’ 30 under 30, MassChallenge Israel alumni.

Radosław Mantiuk
Eye-tracking expert

Prof. Radosław Manitiuk is a recognizable eye-tracking scientist. For the last 15 years, he has been dealing with developing eye-tracking models and video-oculography techniques. He is the author of publications and patents on fixation techniques, pupil detection techniques,  using eye tracking in foveated rendering, and, more generally, the functioning of the human eyes in the context of visual perception. Prof. Mantiuk, as part of their research projects, built head-mounted and remote eye trackers, including implementing the custom eye tracking pipeline. He is the designer and developer of the Pico google eye-tracking add-ons.

Michal Meina
Lead data scientist

Researcher with experience on the border of hardware and data-science. He was working in the field of wereable sensors, designing and implementing solution for indoor navigation systems and activity monitoring. Involved as independent consultant in risk analysis and decision making in research projects for many companies. His last reseach interest invols designing eye trackers on the basing of eye retina imaigin and photosensor oculography.

Krzysztof Rykaczewski
Senior data scientist

Data Scientist with a proven record of delivered machine and deep learning solutions, currently focused on the foundations of AI. Formerly Principal Data Scientist at Samsung R&D Institute Poland dealing with deep learning systems in audio processing. PhD in Mathematics from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. Experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of working in academia in Poland. Skilled in mathematical modeling, data mining and nonlinear analysis.

Piotr Redmerski
R&D Specialist, Unity Lead Developer

Specialist in software & hardware solutions and creator of diverse scientific and commercial projects (e.g. indoor positioning system  based on inertial sensors and UWB radios, vision therapy in VR). He's a programmer with 8 years of experience, including 5 years in the R&D field. Has extensive knowledge of various frameworks and programming languages, as well as wide experience in XR technologies.

Mateusz Chojnowski
Software engineer

Unity VR developer and software architect proficient with .Net, Unity and Python. As a software engineer, he worked on interdisciplinary, cognitive science projects involving fMRI, EEG and eyetracker signal registration and processing. He is passionate about software architecture, clean code and good coding practices.

Julia Szczuczko
Software engineer

Unity VR developer and a competent Python & C# programmer. She is a Computer Science student also involved in a nanostructure-modeling project. As a software engineer, she utilizes her foreign-language-learning aptitude to master programming languages.

Piotr Mikielewicz
3D Generalist, CAD designer

Experienced in the field of 3D graphics. Implements solutions in the field of visual aspects of real-time applications. Works on Unity engine with shaders, VFX. Skilled in modeling, texturing, rendering and optimization. He uses passion and experience in 3d software for CAD design, 3D printing and prototyping, completing the entire cycle of creating an aesthetic form of the product.

Rafał Jara
Senior UX / UI designer, front-end developer

Specialist in User Interface Design, Logo Design, Website Design, Web Application Design, Visual Identity System Design.

In addition to visual design, he is able to plan the information architecture for a project and then consistently lead its enforcement at both the visual level and during implementation.

He translates the experience gained through years of practice as a designer into every field I deal with professionally.

Ula Jara
UX / UI designer

Graphic designer with strong background in brand design, visual communication and marketing, as well as creating digital interfaces for websites and apps. Communication strategy expert.

More than 15 years of experience in the field, creating user experience for products and brands, working closely with marketing and sales teams. Design system expert, focused on creating consistent, multilayered and practical visual language for the brand or product  she takes care of.

Maciej Kossowski
Head of Commercial & Operations

Great specialist with many years of experience in business development, worked nearly 20 years in one of the world's largest corporation. He is a strategic advisor and consultant offering expert advice on contracts, negotiations or business deals that the corporation may enter into. Mentor and interact with members of staff at all levels to foster growth and encourage development among the senior executive team and all members of staff. He is perfect in communicating effectively and establishes credibility throughout the organization as an effective developer of solutions to business challenges.

+ 15 more people in R&D / product management / data science / vision science / engineering / lab assistance 

Is Inseye add-on compatible with prescription glasses?

Yes, Inseye is compatible with Quest 2 glasses spacer, which allows you to use a headset with your prescription glasses.

Is Inseye add-on compatible with other devices than Quest 2?

Not yet, but we will consider extending hardware compatibility, depending on customer reception. If you have a need for another integration - please let us know, to help make that happen.

Is it safe for my eyes?

Yes, our solution is entirely safe for eyes, because we use minimum optical power needed for acquiring eye movement data.

Is Inseye add-on compatible with OpenXR?

We’ve already joined OpenXR and started working on compatibility aspects, so it’s coming!

How do you plan to develop foveated rendering features?

At this stage we cannot share any details, due to the NDA contracts with companies cooperating with us on that matter.

For how long do you commit to provide updates?

We guarantee to provide updates for 12 months from purchase date.

For how long is the guarantee granted?

12 months from purchase date.

Inseye Journey
Early bird

1x Meta Quest 2 Inseye eye-tracking add-on along with user manual
Tracking accuracy 0.5 – 3 deg
Lifetime access to software supporting foveated rendering and streaming (12 months   updates)

Inseye Journey PRO

1x Meta Quest 2 Inseye eye-tracking add-on along with user manual
Additional sensors for pupil size transposed into avatar eye
Tracking accuracy 0.5 – 3 deg
Lifetime access to software supporting foveated rendering and streaming (12 months   updates)

Inseye Journey PRO x 2

2x Meta Quest 2 Inseye eye-tracking add-on along with user manual
Additional sensors for pupil size transposed into avatar eye
Tracking accuracy 0.5 – 3 deg
Lifetime access to software supporting foveated rendering and streaming (12 months   updates)

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