DeNimes - custom technical clothing

Custom-tailored Denim Jeans made for lasting. Originally Denim has founded in French France in 1460 and the fabric is 80% cotton and 15% Wool and 5% Elastine brings new level of functionality and fashion.


Our latest Kickstarter campaign is bringing back the original denim jeans!

If you’ve been wearing regular pants all your life, prepare to change your outlook, because we’re bringing back the original denim jeans!

Yes, they’re back! The ORIGINAL denim jeans.

We’re Marek and Michael, the guys behind Classic DeNimes Custom Clothing, (CDCC) and after years of noticing a lot of people who are looking for jeans just like the ones we had in the first days, we’ve decided to do something about it. Through our Kickstarter campaign, we’re going to bring back original jeans made with the same great quality and fit that you expect from Classic DeNimes Custom Clothing.

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