iBlockFIRE2: Fluorine-free Extinguishing Spray

First fire safety solution entirely safe for your family and pets

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Expiration date notification.

You don’t need to worry if your extinguisher is still valid, or try to remember a few years ahead (impossible!). In chosen time, we will notify you about the expiration date ahead via phone or email.


Our technology gained recognition as an award-winning eco-innovation. It was proved to be entirely safe for water, soil, and any living organism. We invented an extinguishing gel foam that settles on burning surfaces and doesn't vaporize or spread. You can use it without any hesitation on people or animals, as it contains no allergic substances or irritants for skin and eyes. The gel is easy to remove and doesn’t even leave a trace of use. And finally – it’s the first 100% biodegradable extinguishing device in the world!

iBlockFire's modern production line in Poland

We use the latest technology in CNC machinery and a robotic welding system that ensures the highest quality standards in terms of strength as well as aesthetics.

Our proprietary formula ensures safety of you and your dogs or cats

iBlockCARE - our new advanced spray formula (fluorine-free foams) was designed to be entirely neutral for skin and hair: yours and your pets.

Each spray bottle received for replacement is recycled and refilled.

Program Recycling +

Certified for A, B, C, E, F classes of fire

Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection

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iBlockFIRE2: Fluorine-free Extinguishing Spray

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