2-in-1 Reversible Backpack Hoodies for Gaming & Esports Enthusiasts Jay23


Gamers First.

Lightweight Hoodie by JAY23

Functional design

For all sorts of modern-day challenges: face mask, water-repellent coating, blackout hood, waterproof waist sack, microfiber cloth, and more…

Hoodie & backpack

Is it too hot to wear a sweatshirt? Do I need to take a backpack? Said no one ever with a Jay23 Smart Hoodie. Take one, have both, convert in seconds.

Cycling back pocket

If you’re a cyclist, or you just happen to get on your bike from time to time, you probably know the struggle of accessing your pockets. We bet you will appreciate a safe pocket for your valuables with easy access to the phone, whenever needed.

Practical design

Our hoodie has thumb holes, air vents, a KeyChain, holes for headphone cables, built-in microfiber cloth for smartphones or glasses, and even more hidden goodies that you will appreciate in time of need.

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