Woolet Classic 2.0 Review – The Ultra-Slim Trackable Wallet

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November 9, 2021

Woolet Classic 2.0 Review – The Ultra-Slim Trackable GPS Wallet

Nowadays, it appears as though tech is the substance of everything. Our toasters come furnished with remote correspondence and a little LCD show. Your indoor regulator can show your tweets. Hell, even your vehicle can incorporate with Siri. As makers utilize innovation to make our regular things shrewd, it can be hard for buyers to figure out what highlights are really valuable, and which are essentially a trick.

We get a kick out of the chance to take a gander at things from an alternate point of view. The best use of innovation is one that makes your life simpler. Our devices sound take care of a typical issue, basically. Maybe the best case of how this function is the Classic Woolet 2.0 Wallet. Taking a gander at it, you wouldn’t see that it’s anything extraordinary. In any case, inside is some cutting-edge equipment that you’ve never found in a wallet you claim. Yet, what precisely would it be able to do? We went hands-on to discover.

First Look

The Woolet Classic 2.0 is a progression of wallets delivered from an effective Kickstarter battle. All things considered, they don’t seem as though anything besides a standard wallet. Be that as it may, there is some innovative equipment covered inside that enables you to track the wallet wherever it might go, track your telephone, get to your cards all the more effortlessly, and shield your bank cards from burglary. On paper, this appears to be straightforward. In any case, once you understand how professional the plan is, you’ll comprehend why it achieved its financing objective in just 1 day on Kickstarter.

Smart Wallet - Woolet

Security & Storage

There are few spots to store cards on the little wallet and even more on the bigger model (Woolet XL). Your imperative cards are put away inside the wallet itself. Like an arrangement of cards and cash spread out in your fingers, it’s anything but difficult to pick and pick the one you need. We thought that it was least demanding to put the cards that you utilize the most towards the back, so it just takes one speedy movement to swipe them up from your wallet.


Apart from the aesthetics of the of reviewing model, there is some magic added to the wallet that is totally invisible. It comes with some technology usually based on Bluetooth but also revealing movement detector chip, wireless charging, special design battery for recharging purposes and the ultra slim design that enables hide all of this between the leather layers. Having hidden technology, owners won’t be afraid of finding the potential founder that a tracker is there. This will prevent from taking away and losing the chance of finding the wallet through well established Social Search Network called Lost&Found today. With other solutions on the market, where is an easy spot the thickness and find the tracker (like using Tile Mate or TrackR) in this case the level of peace of mind comes with a price tag. The model cost $129 it comes with a standard QI Charger. (can be used for charging iPhone 8, X or Samsung phones) Considering the quality, Italian heritage of the leather and even a golden coated pin with 24-carat gold, the price finally makes a reasonable call for the buyers.


The Woolet Classic 2.0 is accessible in two unique sizes. The Classic and the Travel XL. This model is fundamentally the same as the ultra-thin wallets that are in style. It gauges 4.9 x 3.4 x 0.38 inch, or only somewhat thicker and more extensive than a little pile of cards. It’s fundamentally a classy Italian Full Grain leather wallet with superior branded inline. This keeps them secure while you’re all over the place, and you just need to reach the cash or coins to easy pull out.

In general, we saw a huge change over the original model Classic 1.0. In spite of the fact that the format is comparative, even the biggest Woolet Travel XL 2.0 is a large portion of the thickness of the Classic 1.0. We thought that it was agreeable to store in any of our jeans stashes, making it a wallet we’d cheerfully influence a piece of our consistently to convey.

The Smart Wallet App

We love the IOS version – The Woolet Pro. We love the IOS version – The Woolet Pro is the latest version of Woolet. With all of the flawless functionality and a new approach to notifications, brings a new level of freshness to the Bluetooth tracker competition as well as new fresh design with the new colors and animation. The first look tells that the Woolet team hired a new UX designer. The flow and easy to use Woolet Pro app is much better than the previous one! The notifications that were used for geo-fencing now works. It brings notification once the wallet is disconnected and when the user reaches more than 200 meters from this event. Thanks to this new algorithm, we didn’t get faulty notifications that usually come with the Bluetooth technology. The sound of a buzzer could be louder though. It is covered with the leather layers so the sound is jammed compering with plastic trackers like Chipolo or TrackR. We measured the sound on the level 86 decibels and is lower than Chipolo (the strongest sound in the benchmark)


Woolet Classic 2.0 is better built than 1.0 but comes with some small issues. The hidden cards slot comes with no pull tag, so taking the cards out is no easy thing to do. As for the first use, we got the wallet that was not able to connect to the app. Based on the Company feedback, this is due to logistic regulations that the products with batteries cannot be carried by plane fully charged. The explanation is reasonable but there was no clear call to action for charging the wallet first once unpacked. For that Woolet needs to work on communication to avoid problems with the first usage.

Final Verdict

Before we go out, we’re generally vigilant for two things: our wallet, and our telephone. Because of the Woolet propelled following innovation, you’ll never be without both of them. In any case, what we loved most about this tech was the way very much incorporated it is. It doesn’t feel like you’re utilizing an innovative wallet until the point that you require it. From that point, getting to its concealed highlights is as straightforward as squeezing a catch.

Be that as it may, even without the cutting edge highlights, despite everything we’d be content with the Woolet Classic 2.0 as only a wallet. It’s staggeringly thin, enabling it to fit into any pocket easily. The materials are expertly created from top quality parts, making it an awesome expansion to any back pocket.

In the event that you as of now have a wallet you adore, and simply need to add following highlights to it, you should need to think about a Bluetooth Tracker. There are various producers for these gadgets, the vast majority of which can either slip into or connect specifically to your wallet. We’ve completed an audit of the best Bluetooth trackers, with our undisputed top choices being the Tile Mate and Woolet Tracker.

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