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Why could your crowdfunding campaign fail?

85% of campaigns fail forcing many companies to shut down. Its the harsh reality of the crowdfunding world.

The most common failure factor is the lack of audience. Before you introduce your product on crowdfunding platforms, you need to build a minimum viable audience (MVA) that will boost the campaign and let you grow.

We help startups to build an audience with a solid pre-launch campaign. We prepare an effective one-pager with full domain configuration and basic integration with a mailing app. This is the foundation for every crowdfunding campaign!

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Landing page

You get a landing page under your own domain with free hosting


You don't need to know programming or graphics, we'll create the website for you


You will be guided step by step on how to build a Minimum Viable Audience

What is Audience Formula?

JTBD Framework Audience Formula (CAF)  is a proven method for running successful pre-launch campaign.

We use the JTBD (Jobs To Be Done) framework to build a narrative for your product, which focuses not only on ‘problem-solution’ communication, but also considers very important social/personal criteria.


We can offer you guidance through a 3h workshop, which will provide you with an action plan, or help you run the campaign.

We can prepare an effective landing page with professional sales copywriting, a powerful hero message, outstanding photos and an expert script fora crowdfunding video. Our services also come with a waitlist solution for the viral effect.

Landing Page

All these can be used in your social media, press release and especially your upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Landing Page is designed to resemble a Kickstarter/Indiegogo page, including parts as important as a list of perks, social proof, third-party video, pictures, and sales copy.

Ready product

This makes you fully prepared for a crowdfunding campaign, since you have all of the necessary elements ready and tested!

This makes you fully prepared for a crowdfunding campaign, since you have all of the necessary elements ready and tested!

Strategy Workshop Audience Formula

3 Hours workshop + Action Plan ($400 one time payment)

What we will accomplish: JTBD framework, hero message, buyer persona, MVA plan, pre-campaign strategy.

People don’t buy products,
they buy better versions of themselves.
Pre-launch Campaigns

Launching soon projects

iChessOne Special Set
Early bird

iChessOne Smart Chessboard
32 Staunton 5 Wood Pieces
2 Extra Queens
USB Cable
Mobile Phone Stand
1 Year Warranty

Early Bird Special

1x Bunch controller
1x Stick controller
1x Smartphone handler

Early Bird Special

1x PulseBand
1x Magnetic Charging Cable + App
Lifetime access to 2 connectors

Inseye Journey
Early bird

1x Meta Quest 2 Inseye eye-tracking add-on along with user manual
Tracking accuracy 0.5 – 3 deg
Lifetime access to software supporting foveated rendering and streaming (12 months   updates)

Powerful copywriting wins your Audience

Words have a massive impact on what consumers do. They can create excitement and a desire to posess, as well as compel actions. But at the same time bad copywriting can ‘kill’ even the best product by turning off consumers. We create sales copy based on JTBD framework to speak the language of your audience: anticipate their anxieties, answer real needs, evoke emotions.

Why does a good script matter so much? Because the same story can be adapted into a self-selling blockbuster or into ‘the worst commercials of all time’ list segment.

What you can get: hero message for your brand, optimized landing page and emails copywriting, expert commercial script for your video.  

Regular Landing Page vs CAF

Regular Landing Page

Regular landing page construction

Social Proof

CAF Landing Page Audience Formula

Section 1 - Claim (JTBD)
Section 2 - Problem (JTBD)
Section 3 - TL;DR
Section 4 - 3rd party video
Section 5 - Product
Section 6 - Social Proof. Pledges (Early Bird & Regular)

Wow your Audience with stunning photography

First impression matter. Make sure that the pictures on your landing page, press release and crowdfunding page will stuck in your audience’s minds and evoke a feeling of desire.

Outstanding product photography sells a vision of a better life or a better version of themselves. What you can get: packshots, product and lifestyle photos.

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