Missing link between you and wellbeing apps

Developing healthy habits requires much more than just good intentions and installing a bunch of health apps. You need to have a lot of discipline, maintain motivation, and first of all, you need to remember to follow all the apps on a daily basis. If you are a busy person, it’s easy to forget or miss notifications among everyday hustles and duties.

WoofONE reverses the ‘communication’ to support people overloaded with duties. Instead of you reaching for your phone to check tasks or update goals, WoofONE reaches you with sound or vibrations that demand your action.


Easy integration with your favorite apps, sensors or smart scales

Designed for habitstreaks and interactive notifications

Best for: busy people who want to live a healthy lifestyle

Supports: walking, hydration, sleep, intermittent fasting and more

Integration with your favorite apps

You don’t need to abandon your favorite apps and lose your previous achievements. Together with a smart band, you will get lifetime access to a chosen number of Connectors. Each Connector enables integration of one chosen application with WoofONE. It will enhance them with physical interactions that won’t let you forget about healthy habits, streak mechanics, and a goal oriented interface.

WoofONE can also cooperate with other health sensors, glucose monitoring sensors or smart scales, to create a complete system for dieting, intermittent fasting etc., safe for people with insulin resistance or diabetes.

Woof1 Application

If you are only starting your self-care journey, or you prefer to use one app for all activities, WoofONE comes with an original app. You don’t need to make any integrations. It will help you to develop and monitor healthy habits in many areas, for example: intermittent fasting, proper hydration, walking & running, or better sleep.

Stay motivated with habit streaks

Every big achievement starts with developing tiny, positive routines. But consistency might be the most difficult part of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why WoofONE design supports streaks – continuous chains of repeating an activity over a longer period. Somewhere down the line, this activity becomes an entirely automatic habit, like brushing your teeth.

Streaks are considered to be the most effective of habit formation techniques, because of a few reasons: strong motivation (you will hate the idea of breaking the flow), organizing your lifestyle, improving your performance very fast, building confidence, and self-satisfaction.

Main Features

  • All day activity & fitness tracking
  • Advanced heart rate monitoring
  • Caller ID & message notifications display
  • Idle alert
  • Long battery lifespan, lasts up to 1-2 weeks (301025 80mah rechargeable lithium battery)
  • Innovative magnetic fast charging system
  • Silent alarms
  • To-the-point 0.88 in. OLED screen for optimal reading experience
  • Automatic wireless syncing with smartphones
  • Works perfectly with most Android 4.3+ smartphones
  • Works perfectly with iOS 8 and above
  • Supports Apple® Health App
  • Firmware wireless upgrading, easy error repair and function expanding
  • Bracelet size : 63mm * 53mm * 20mm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Antenna : Built-in WiFi / Bluetooth Ceramic Antenna
  • Battery: 301025 80mah Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Processor: Tensilica LX6 dual-core processor, clockedat 240MHz
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John Trevor
about 1 week ago

As someone who leads a busy life, my day can go from productive to chaotic in the blink of an eye. WoofONE helps me to control better my intermittent fasting routine with smart notifications about my eating habits and when I should eat my next meal.

about 3 weeks ago

I've been using Woof ONE for a few months and it's been great. I'm pretty strict about my fasting windows, but sometimes I’ve accidentally eaten something that isn't allowed. Woof ONE lets me know when I don’t stick to the rules and then I can correct myself.

about 3 weeks ago

Since I've been using WoofOne, I've gotten a lot more into my IF routine and thanks to it I‘ve already lost some weight.

Marek Ciesla

An entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience, an expert in crowdfunding, raised over a million PLN on crowdfunding platforms for his own projects and clients (including Sher.ly, Crosslifter and Swimmo). MBA of Oxford Brooks, Westminster College of Computer and Kilburn College.

Agnieszka Spirydowicz

Experienced Project Manager with a proven history of working in the strategic consulting industry. Specialist in the field of Energy Clusters and RES market. Coordinator of Zgorzelec Energy Cluster.

Patrycja Nowicka

I support startup founders in their relations with investment funds, accounting and institutions such as NCBR. I manage the company's documentation in a consistent manner, making sure it is transparent and in order so the management and owners sleep well.

Can I use smartband only with the Woof1 app?

We plan to integrate the smartband to connect with other Intermittent Fasting apps.

How does the smartband work?

At first glance it presents the progress of fasting, streaks status and it buzzes when the goal is reached.

What are connectors?

Connectors help to connect with favored apps and sensors to automate data flow and collection. For example data gathered from the Apple Health or from a body scale with Bluetooth connectivity.

How is it powered?

The device is powered by an internal Lithium-Polymer 450 mAh battery with an inductive charger. When fully charged, it can be at your service for up to 14 days.

What’s the product’s warranty?

In case of the device malfunction, our technical team will fix it or replace your device. As a standard, we provide a 24-month warranty.

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1x PulseBand
1x Magnetic Charging Cable + App
Lifetime access to 2 connectors


1x PulseBand
1x Magnetic Charging Cable + App
Lifetime access to 2 connectors

Pair-Up Special:

2x PulseBand
2x Magnetic Charging Cable + App
Lifetime access to 3 connectors

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