TandemPad: the missing link between gamepad and mouse & keyboard

Play wherever you want, longer, and more precisely, with highly customizable, portable controllers.

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Play your way

TandemPad is a modular and transformable controller, designed to fill the gap between a gamepad and a mouse & keyboard. Ergonomic, wireless design allows you to play comfortably wherever you are: at home, on a trip, outdoors, on a plane. The built-in powerbank prolongs gameplay, and the touchpad gives you a mouse-precision level of experience!

TandemPad consist of two components, Bunch and Stick, which can work separately or together. They can be also combined with a mouse, a keyboard or a mobile device (smartphone/tablet), so that they become an additional sub-controller, main screen, or an additional screen, e.g. as a map preview.


MOBILITY - full gaming experience wherever you are, thanks to powerful, but portable and compact controllers, easy to take with you everywhere.

FLEXIBILITY – use Bunch and Stick together, separately, or combine them with a mouse, keyboard and mobile device.

PRECISION – shoot like a pro, no matter the conditions! Mouse-precision level thanks to the built-in touchpad, precious for FPS gamers.

SHARABLE POWER STOCK – prolong your game thanks to the built-in powerbank that can power controllers, as well as phones/tablets, if needed.

Healthy ergonomics

Gamer’s Thumb or Gamer’s Wrist have innocent sounding names, but they are serious injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or de Quervain’s Syndrome, caused by regular and prolonged playing. That’s because of poor – or a lack of – ergonomics in current gaming solutions. In short: keyboards unnaturally bend your phalanges and overexploit the elbows, and gamepads require circular movements which are too intense for the thumbs.

TandemPad was designed with a focus on proper ergonomics:

  • Due to smaller pads, palms can naturally close, without abnormal bending of fingers.
  • Shorter joystick allows you to support/rest your thumbs.
  • Optionally, instead of using a joystick, you can operate with multi-functional back buttons.
  • Minimal movement of fingers, mainly natural flexion to press the button.
  • Stick is designed for a focus-aim-fire approach for separate fingers, with more natural palm positions and finger movements.
  • Modular design enables healthier positions and repositioning: you can put elbows on the armrest, you can lay down or even put your hands behind your head.
  • And finally – long phone usage doesn’t need to harm your spine anymore! Use TandemPad as a controller and  keep your arms comfortably in any chosen position.

Open to change

TandemPad combines advantages of portable controlling solutions and mouse & keyboard systems, while eliminating their biggest flaws.

Custom for you

TandemPad is the most customizable controlling solution, so you can create your own, unique, and the most comfortable layout. All buttons are highly adaptive, acting as a classic key, virtual key (e.g. as SHIFT on PC keyboard), or performing multiple actions depending on the number of clicks (up to three). Together, the multitude of keys and multiple action modes offer over 1 billion keystroke combinations to fit your needs perfectly!

Take advantage of its modular design, as well as its compatibility with other controllers and mobile devices, to create your own, customized set. It doesn’t matter if you seat, stand or lie down – always play comfortably and with high precision!

Not only for gaming

TandemPad brings new quality wherever a controlling device is needed. Check out few of the countless possibilities!


Put an end to the nightmare of using Smart TV remote for more complicated activities! Use Stick to execute all functions more comfortably. Instead of scrolling menus for ages, or worse – typing titles with arrows, jump to the place you want with just a single click!


Navigate your presentations and pitches in a more professional way. Configure Stick buttons to trigger needed shortcuts in application, and use a touchpad to control the cursor – like with a mouse, except in any position (even standing, walking).


Reach for Bunch to save space on your desk. It’s small, compact, heavily configurable and easy to use. You can grab it with one hand, so in combination with a graphic touchpad, it can bring a new performance dimension for your project.


  • Bigger palm area involved in controlling (Bunch)
  • Various ways of controlling, depending on the grip
  • Shortcuts triggering by joystick inclination
  • Adaptive buttons
  • Virtual buttons
  • Triple-press buttons
  • Easy profiling by a config file
  • Built-in power bank
  • No-slip handles
  • Focus-Aim-Fire layout 
  • Virtual controllers support
  • 360 degree rotate header (Handler)
  • 360 degree rotate connectors (Handler)
  • Adjustable shoulder length (Handler)
  • 19 functional buttons in total
  • 2 joysticks
  • High precision main touchpad
  • Multi-functional small touchpad
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TandemPad can be used in a variety of ways, depending on your needs and preferences. Here are a few suggestions on the configuration and layouts.

Both sub-controllers can work as parts of a bigger set (e.g. with a mouse and keyboard), only with each other, or independently.

You can use them like a classic game-pad.

Using buttons and the touch pad, you can play a bit like with a keyboard & mouse.

You can use your smartphone as Bunch's virtual extension…

…or as a monitor for a game controlled by Bunch…

…or by Stick, if you're looking for a high precision touchpad.

Your smartphone can also act as Stick’s virtual controller,

a single multimedia controller together with Bunch and Stick,

or a monitor for a game controlled by Bunch and Stick.

Both sub-controllers can cooperate with a mouse,

or with a keyboard.

Bunch’s reverse buttons can be clicked in a “classic” way, but you can also use the middle part of your fingers to fire up in-game combinations faster.

Averse buttons can be used as functional keys, or similarly to an analog cross on a game-pad.

Depending on the joystick inclinations, different actions can be executed. You can use this functionality, for example, for the crouch-walk-run movement in games.

Stick is designed for the 1-2-3 approach in the games: focus-aim-fire.

Mini touchpad can be used for regular scrolling or click-to-switch actions.

The joystick can be configured to work as functional buttons, which could be useful e.g. for a weapon-wheel manipulation in action games.

In case of a placement like below, the main touchpad buttons can be used similarly to a game-pad’s left and right triggers.

Edward E Thompson

TandemPad made me get rid of my PC completely. Thanks to it, I can play any title on my smartphone. Without any compromises, restrictions or limitations.

Alex Everton

The trip to work has stopped being so boring since I can take my favorite action games with me on the bus.

Michael Hoff

PC, console, smartphone or big TV screen - now I can utilize each of them using just one device and it’s really cool!

Alan Tracy

Photoshop + 3dsMax + Bunch. Nothing more, nothing less.

Michael Groth

One battery is enough for a trip to the grandparents. The children have stopped whining and I can finally drive in peace. TandemPad improves road safety :)

Krzysztof Szymański

Engineer, gamer, investor, entrepreneur and technology passionate. For 16 years he has been involved in the software development industry in various areas. Currently, works as an independent consultant supporting startups in Europe and USA in the field of software architecture and business processes.

What TandemPad actually is?

TandemPad is a modular adaptive controller designed as the missing link between keyboard & mouse and gamepad.

What is the difference between TandemPad and similar solutions?

TandemPad combines all advantages that a mouse, keyboard and gamepad have, while eliminating their shortcomings. It’s handy, mobile, has a billion button combinations, a built-in powerbank and can be extended with a smartphone.

How does TandePad work?

Both sub-controllers, Bunch and Stick, work similarly to alternative products. Pressing a button triggers an action in the game. Each button can play a few different roles. The smartphone is not paired with the controllers and can work completely independently.

What hardware platforms TandemPad support?

Wherever a mouse, keyboard or gamepad can be used, the TandemPad can be used too. Most consoles, PCs and smart TVs, which support pluggable devices, can work with TandemPad.

What kind of games can be played using TandemPad?

TandemPad was designed mainly for shooters, action games and RTS, but any game can be played comfortably.

What are Adaptive Buttons?

It’s a technology that can change the role of a single button and emit a signal depending on the user’s preference or frequency of clicks.

What are virtual buttons?

It’s a technology in which a specific button doesn’t emit any signal itself, but changes the role of other buttons. It works similarly to SHIFT or ALT on the PC keyboard.

How can TandemPad be configured?

Each controller is assigned with a simple text file that can be edited in any word processing program. There is also a dedicated application that does the same thing in a more intuitive way.

How does TandemPad profiles work?

The controller’s internal memory allows you to save multiple configuration files. The player who is currently using the TandemPad can change profiles to use the button layouts defined by him.

What does it mean that TandemPad is a power bank?

TandemPad battery power is shared with smartphones. Thanks to that, much longer gameplay is possible without plugging your phone into an electric socket.

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1x Stick controller
1x Smartphone handler
1x Extra Battery
5x Virtual Controllers

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