Anxious about money? Change worries to financial action plan

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November 9, 2021

Studies* show that about 68% of Americans not having enough money for their retire. About 43% declare that they feel fatigued in case of their financial situation. This stress affects various aspects of life and is often paralyzing, making it difficult to do anything.

*(Mind over Money Survey, 2020)

Must money be only a reason to worry?

We want to show you that it is exactly the opposite! How?

Play > Learn > Earn

This simple formula shows the idea of our project. We are developing the browser game “CashPlay”, which is a financial simulator.  We want you to show that finances can be a great adventure and a source of peace of mind instead of worry!


You enter the game and follow a real life path: look for the first job, pay your first bills... Until you decide to take the primary step towards financial freedom. And here comes the fun part.

You can test various scenarios and technics: investing, developing a career or running own business. You are only limited by your imagination (and in-game resources ;)).


It’s not only a fun. When you play, you are training your financial skills, develop skills and develop positive habits. All of that you can use in real life.

You can also try various forms of investing. Deposits, stock market, real estate investments or even cryptocurrencies — you can test them all without losing a cent!


You will see effects of your actions in your game account. Who knows, maybe you will be  next one “The Richest CashPlay Player”?

But here comes the best part!

When you apply all things you have learned in Cashplay, you can also increase amount of money on your account in real life! You will be able to create your own financial action plan and get rid of “money worries”.

Ready to go for financial freedom? Join us!

If you want to start your financial adventure, check out details about CashPlay:

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