BangProof - Safety is in fashion! This hat replaces a helmet

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November 5, 2021

BangProof is a cap that, thanks to a special insert, works like a helmet

This bike helmet works like a car airbag

Something for (re)cyclists - a bike helmet made of cardboard
BangProof is a Polish startup founded out of an aversion to helmets. Its product, although it looks like a baseball cap, hides more advanced technology.

We meet Przemek Drosik and Marcin Koziorowski at their stand during Sthlm Tech Fest in Stockholm. Przemek has been snowboarding for years, but - as he admits - he didn't like the helmets. He decided to create something that could also be used by cyclists, in-line skaters, and even amateurs of such disciplines as wakeboarding.

"Cap Helmet" - or head protection in a nice way

The key is a special insert that cushions impacts. For now, BangProof uses a solution already available on the market, but in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology, it is working on its own technology.

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