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November 9, 2021

When we started researching the best fire extinguishers for our fire safety guide, we talked to John Kowalski, firefighter Norht Hill. Right away, he recommended the IBlockFIRE brand. When asked why it was her top pick, she said, "Reliable. It's what we use."


Our list opens with a gem of a product, iBlockFIRE Fire Extinguishing Spray. It is a 100% biodegradable product, effective in 5 fire groups, which gives you a chance in the fight against fire. What sets iBlockFIRE apart from other products is its reliability and versatility. With iBlockFIRE, you don't have to wonder if you're sure you have the firefighting device to put out a particular fire.

The iBlockCARE formula will not endanger your near and dear ones, speaking of animals of course :) In 600 ml charge is enclosed force comparable to 2 kg powder extinguisher. Dedicated multifunctional pouch you can place wherever you want, by the pants, in the motorcycle and other vehicles, as declared by the manufacturer, which in case of going on a trip is a very helpful advantage.

Considering the construction, the iBlockFIRE is made of the highest quality European products, as you can see from the nozzle and the heatless, anti-corrosive cylinder. "Fast access" allows you to use the iBlock with one hand. Remember that in a fire situation every second is important. Here we have as many as 30 of them. In green we can also mark the range up to 8 meters of use, which will allow us not to get close to the source of fire. A safe and environmentally friendly solution to fire danger.

First Alert EZ Fire Spray

First Alert EZ Spray portable fire extinguisher because it is the size of a spray can. It is perfect for keeping in the car, but the big downside is the nozzle, which we need more force to use. Once we get the hang of it we have the effect of covering a sizable area. We recommend keeping it in the kitchen for small explosions. The manufacturer does not give any information about the reusability of the product, so it is a good idea to replace the spray after use, even if you do not use it all.

Fire rating: A, F, Electronic/electrical equipment up to 1000 volts.

ReinoldMax 750ml

ReinoldMax's 750ml extinguishing spray contains a mixture of water and AFFF foam extinguishing agent. Although the product signs itself as biodegradable it will not reach the eco lovers due to the very content of AFFF agent which contains substances toxic to the environment. The dedicated nozzle is a big plus when considering ease of use. In a fire situation every second is important, and here we have 25 seconds to fully empty the cylinder.

Fire ratings: A, B, F, Electrical equipment up to 1000 V.

TDC Fire Extinguishing Spray

One of the best known aerosols on the market. Certainly, a big advantage of this product is the price, which outclasses other sprays from this list. However, does the price go hand in hand with quality? I am afraid so. The first thing that strikes the eye is the design. The appearance of the bottle type "PLAK" is not conducive to easy use, and even extends the time in a fire situation. In this case, the manufacturer informs us of repeated use and gives us a 5-year warranty. The question arises when we deal with other handy fire extinguishers whose duration reaches almost 30 seconds, here we have only 12 seconds. A product to use and certainly it is better to have it than not, but in several pieces.

Fire ratings: A, B, Electronic/electrical equipment up to 1000 V.

Prymos Universal

Our list closes with the most expensive product on this list, the Prymos Universal. The operating time of 22 seconds will allow us to fight the fire longer and distribute the extinguishing agent over a considerable area. The dedicated holder will allow us to place the spray wherever we want: in the kitchen, in the car, at the barbecue table. Needed everywhere, where we do not want to carry a large and bulky extinguisher.

In comparison with other fire extinguishing devices, the range of only 3 m of use is striking. Sometimes it is enough, but it is better to have a spare if we have a choice. Although the manufacturer gives us a warranty for 4 years, a big minus is the lack of information about the possibility of multiple use. Should we buy another one when half of the can is empty or can we use it for 4 years and put it back ?

Fire ratings: A, B, F, Electronic/electrical equipment up to 1000 V.


In situations that concern our safety, choosing the right product seems to be not so difficult. The price aspect, although very important in comparison with what we can lose by not having the right extinguishing device, is rather a small problem. When it comes to choosing the optimal solution for increased safety after analyzing all presented sprays, I personally choose 1 of the reviewed products iBlockFIRE PRO.

It seems that the manufacturer offers a lot of interesting and unique parameters relatively at an affordable price. As a father I personally appreciate the safety parameter of my children and also the safety of "four-leggeds" thanks to their iBlockCARE - 100% EKO formula. The product's intuitiveness, range, duration of action and effectiveness in 5 fire groups predominated my choice for this particular product.

Some of the other products stand out e.g. for their longer shelf life and are also worthy of attention. In my humble opinion, a comparison of all the parameters clearly confirms my choice.
I have made my choice and I encourage you to analyze and, above all, to protect what is most precious to us, regardless of your personal choice.

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