Glaze – a superhero prosthetic arm

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Glaze – a superhero prosthetic arm

You’ve probably seen superhero movies where either supernatural abilities or hi-tech help in the fight against crime. Every day we meet people who are fighting an uneven battle with their disabilities: amputated limbs. They’ve become a true inspiration to Glaze, a company who decided to help struggling amputees to turn their condition into an advantage and provide them with superhero gear – really awesome prosthetics!

Every person tells a different story

We believe that every amputee has an inspirational story to tell. Some of them were born without limbs, some lost them later. Nevertheless, circumstances are always different. Their personalities, sense of style, passions and goals are different, too; that’s why we wanted to create a prosthetic that would reflect who those people are. It was impossible with a generic model, so we had to customize them, says Grzegorz Kosch, the creator of Glaze. At the same time, he sneak-peaks the most important feature of Glaze prosthetics: they are fully individualized. You can pick anything from shape and colour to accessories such as a built-in loudspeaker, fin hand, tattoo skin and many, many more. Interested in cooking? A hand for cooks is available. Fancy a nice manicure? You can pick an option with paintable nails.

Apart from the visual and functional sides, Glaze is also customized as far as the shape and size are concerned, which is unprecedented. Each prosthetic is suitable for individual needs and won’t hurt, scratch or cause discomfort. That’s really important, because a study conducted in the USA found that almost a half of amputees do not own a prosthetic. All of the models available on the market are just generic “fit all – fit no one” types. Glaze can help those people to finally get an arm that actually fits, not only physically but also mentally.  


Become an Iron(wo)man

The Glaze team says that the inspiration for their project was Piotr Sajdak, who was a contestant on the Polish version of MasterChef. The talented cook lost his arm on a night out, trying to help his friend who was being harassed by a drunken man. Eventually, she was safe, but Sajdak ended up losing his arm. He didn’t give up, and continued his cooking passion and active lifestyle. I didn’t have a prosthetic; I just couldn’t find anything that wasn’t too heavy. All of the available options were horribly ugly, and I decided I’d be fine without one. Then the Glaze guys approached me, and I just couldn’t resist. Look at this cool arm now! – Piotr still can’t hide his excitement.

Who could blame him? His prosthetic allows him to cook and has a phone compartment, although he’s also thinking of becoming human-party and installing a speaker. Who wouldn’t want a speaker in their arm?

The prosthetics can be removed or changed in seconds. Depending on Piotr’s plans, he can quickly change from a workout in the gym to a romantic dinner with his girlfriend. There are no complicated mechanisms and no need to ask anyone for help – full independence and variety!  


It’s a statement

Losing a part of you is a devastating experience. Some people never fully recover from it. Glaze gives them opportunity to be proud of their imperfections and turn them into a statement. Show off your style, be who you want and create yourself.

Sometimes amputees feel ashamed, which shouldn’t happen at all. We want to bring the confidence out and show them that they can be whoever they want, starting with creating a new part of themselves. And that’s just the start. They are already very brave superheroes; we just provide them with hi-tech tools, concludes Kosch.  

To sum up, let’s just say this: when we saw what these prosthetics looked like, we couldn’t say anything more than WOW! If you know someone who is struggling to find a proper prosthetic, tell them about Glaze. It could be their life-changer.


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