Top Meta Quest 2 accessories for 2023

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November 9, 2021

The top VR headset on the market is the Meta Quest 2.

It offers a completely wireless experience and allows you to enjoy games like Resident Evil 4 and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. You can also connect it to a gaming PC and enjoy an even bigger library of Steam VR games, but right now you can get the 128GB model for $399!

That includes everything you need to start playing, but there are a lot of other accessories that you could use to make your experience even better.

Here's a look at some of my favorite Oculus Quest 2 accessories so far. Most of them I've been able to try myself, including the Quest 2 Elite Strap, various carrying cases, and my favorite VR mat with prescription lenses and a sweat mask. Still though, I've done a lot of research and found that these are some of the best rated ones online.

Nufr Shell Front Face Protector

If you buy the Quest 2 from Viking, you may be interested in one of our face covers. It has a lot of benefits, including protecting your Quest 2 from drops and scratches. Like most things at Viking, the prices for our Nufr covers start at $16 and vary slightly by color.

Esimen K3 Accessories Set

Recently, I was looking to buy an "elite" head strap for my VR experience but didn't want to spend $50 on the official Elite Head Strap. Fortunately, Esimen came out with a Quest accessory bundle that included both a carrying case and VR accessories like headphones. So far, everything is holding up well (though the straps are now showing some wear). This said, both the Elite Head Strap and Official Quest 2 Carrying Case have a nice premium feel and look about them (whether or not it's worth it is open to debate).

VirtuClear Prescription Lenses

You can certainly play with the Quest 2 while wearing glasses, but it's more comfortable without. That's where a set of prescription lens inserts come in. Oculus has partnered with FramesDirect to offer such inserts, with prices starting at $80 for VirtuClear inserts. Others are available as well, including VR Lens Lab and WidmoVR; however, I have only tried the VirtuClear lenses. They work well and are easy enough to remove so someone who doesn't need glasses can also play.

Inseye Eye Tracking 

An amazing Eye tracker that will completely transform your Oculus Quest 2 headset.I haven't seen anything like it on the market yet. Inseye will unveil its solution for fans of VR experiences as early as next year (2023).You can update your devices very easily. The first thing to mention is the extremely low price of this add-on. The new eye tracker uses surprisingly little power, so you don't have to worry about the battery in your Oculus Quest 2.AvatarEyes makes VR chat an, even more, real and unique experience. Users can express emotions even more through eye contact. Not to mention that finally with the upgrade comes depth of field in your favorite VR games!The high temporal resolution - 1000 Hz allows eye movements to be tracked without any lag! Check out the campaign on Kickstarter.

inseye eye-tracker for Oculus 2

VR Mat

VR mat provides some padding for your feet during VR workouts, and can also help you realize when you're stepping off the mat. This helps prevent collisions with furniture and makes it easier to center yourself. I've used Supernatural's $42 mat, which has the same quality as the Proxi-Mat Space Station Theo mat that sells for around $50. The size is approximately 35 inches in diameter.

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